Tuesday, 20 November 2012

It's been a little while since I have been able to post due to moving house and having to wait 2 months for the internet to come back into my life. Only a few more weeks left and then normal service can resume with some great new projects I've been meaning to put up.

There are also some new original drawings for sale in my shop for those interested

In the meanwhile I thought I would post a process of a recent commission for a sound studio in Berlin. They use a weasel in a lot of their promotion and imagery so they asked for anything with a weasel in it, here were the stages that were taken:


pencil roughs

inks on bristol board

final piece, 2 colour variants


Hernan Valencia said...

Good stuff Tim. Been starting on pen and ink recently. How long did it take for your pencil rough and how did you transfer it to the bristol board? Just curious. Love it.

Tim said...

thanks Hernan, it usually takes 2-3 straight days to do the rough and then I ink right over the top of those pencils, rubbing out whatever's left at the end.