Wednesday, 20 April 2011

This was a project that was actually finished around December 2010 but it hasn't been until recently i've been able to post it up. last year I was asked to work with Guy's Hospital in London as part of a team of artists and designers who were working on the new chemotherapy unit, which opened last week. My project was an Atlas of Journeys, a map that relates to the emotional experience of going through cancer treatment. It was a long project with alot of variations and learning curves (coloured inks on bamboo paper, yikes).

the explanation on the wall next to the piece does a better job of explaining it than I do:

Patients on the unit, and their friends and families, talked to the artists about the many places they passed through on their journeys of cancer treatment. They created geographical names and gradually a map of a new world emerged, acknowledging truths about the darker places and the positive destinations travelled along the way. An Atlas of Journeys is inspired by historical charts of voyages and discoveries, depicting emotions and experiences, alongside the elements and some mysterious creatures of the sea.

Below are some photos of the map and the other artworks included in the unit.

Special thanks to Heather Barnett, the art director on the project and overall map genius and Will Holloway who was responsible for the fantastic names and ideas on the map, a real word wizard.


Paul Scheruebel said...

Very very cool, Mr McDonagh! I love it!