Monday, 28 February 2011

Finished this piece off today, took me a little while to get it looking the way I wanted it. The boy in the image is the main character from a short graphic novel i've been brainstorming in my spare hours.

Might be a little while before seeing him again in graphic novel form but I just wanted to make an image with him part of it. He's a little boy who dresses up in a poorly made batman costume, wandering through the forest trying to do good deeds for the wildlife, in turn realising he might not be quite as powerful as his hero.

I started pencilling an image today that i'm going to try and finish for tomorrow evening, so that might get posted up Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

wou amazing Tim. love it.

Paul Scheruebel said...

Blimey, this is really cool! Bring on the graphic novel please!