Sunday, 30 January 2011

couple of experiments here, each one only taking a day or less.

- hand colouring is something i've wanted to have a little go at, this is a real shoddy, quick attempt at it but hey, i'm putting it out there.

-the strange angler fish type weird thing is just an image i wanted to try to pencil, ink and colour all in a day. usually i spend about a week on an image, so i'm trying to speed up the way i work in some areas. most times i do just enjoy spending bloody ages on a drawing though.

also, i'm drawing a short comic strip at the moment. the working title is Not Batman


Ann-Marie said...

hi like the new work tim

Ingrid dos Santos said...

I just saw a drawing on your website with an owl wearing a hoodie, a pigeon with a suitcase and a squirrel wearing a backpack. what the hells that about? lol

Tim said...

haha that was a postcard for freshers week at the westminster university, they gave it out to all the new arrivals with a little message from the Dean written on one side and events and stuff on the other (that picture of the gorilla was the other side)