Monday, 1 March 2010

guess this is a little preview of my latest project, so check this out. it is a series of images that depicts animals in their environments and some of the problems that they have, it's not supposed to be taken too seriously and so far it's been a really fun thing to do. the plan is to have a series of these that all work as glow in the dark screen prints, i've looked into it a little and it looks like it's going to be possible. below is a sort of plan of how i would like them to look however the final result is yet to be seen, i'll put some more up from the series soon. this image is about the pollution that is ripe in today's oceans and the harmful effects it is having on sea life.

above: the image in the dark
below: the image in the light


Cheism said...

Liking the image dude!