Saturday, 6 February 2010

so i guess it's been a litte while since i've been around these parts, just a matter of being lazy and being busy with other things i suppose. Since my last posts I feel like i've come on a bit in terms of image making so i'm just going to post a couple of things that i've been happy with recently. i'm also working on a couple of cool things at the moment that i'll post up shortly in an attempt to resusscitate this here blog, cheers.

in other news, i've got my real website almost finished now, there are perhaps one or two changes i wouldn't mind making but i can do those as i go so i hope to have that online as soon as I can. been listening to the new Beach House album recently, really loving that at the moment. you know when you find an album that sounds like where you are in your life? yeah well i got that right abouts now.

oh, i might post up some top 5's here soon.