Sunday, 15 March 2009

so yeah, here's a new post. think i might start giving out this address, putting it on facebook and just genreally getting people to look at it. just need some better damn work. the worst thing about creating work is that it will always look like your work.

so here are some recent bits
poster i did for the game half-life 2 for a self-defined project, first piece of work i've ever gotten printed up A0 size, was pretty awesome to see it that massive.

this was something i did for a D&AD brief, i really hate these sorts of briefs that are really aimed at a graphic designer with a good eye for target audience and product promotion. it was cool playing around with some different ways to colour things though, things can get a bit stale with just pens, ink and photoshop.

more regular posts to follow.


katie said...

love your half-life poster